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When you find that your life is in transition and that you need the service of an honest, professional appraiser, make sure you contact Life Transitions. Helping people in your situation isn’t just our job – it’s our life.

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About Life Transitions

About Life Transitions

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Our story and how we help our clients

Life Transitions is owned and operated by Carol Edwards, a graduate of College of the Appraisers. Carol has been a certified personal property appraiser for over 12 years. She has helped clients realize the value of their treasures. Through the inspection of a client’s items, Carol once discovered a rare and important antique lamp that later sold for over $56,000 at auction. The client had no idea!

Carol once discovered a rare and important antique lamp that later sold for over $56,000 at auction.

Carol has been in the antique and consignment business for many years. While working at a local consignment store in Del Mar, she came across the same situation repeatedly: adult children coming into the shop with a whole house to liquidate and becoming overwhelmed, not knowing where to start.

According to Carol, this is when mistakes are made. You first must find the value of your items so that you can make the right decisions. Many items can be lost in the liquidation process and passed by or sold for far less than they are worth.

Having worked on the PBS show Antiques Roadshow, as well as doing numerous antique road shows for Southern California retirement homes and doing speaking engagements on the subject of downsizing, Carol is an expert at walking clients through this process.

Her best advice: “It is never too early to start thinking about your personal property and collections. How will you move them along?”

She adds that these are people’s lives and memories. She loves to hear about the stories of how her clients acquired their treasures. It is her favorite part of her job.


Carol A. Edwards:

  • Certified Appraiser
  • Graduate, College for Appraisers
  • USPAP-Compliant
  • 25 Years of Experience
  • Member of the Appraisers National Association (ANA)
  • Large & Small Estates


We offer a one-hour-long free consultation.

Upon your first consultation visit. this may help you think about how Life Transitions can help you.
  • Have you thought about other items besides furniture (i.e., silver, china, collections, linens, old pottery, artwork and knickknacks)?
  • Do you need to know about estate sales?
  • Are you moving, or are you just starting to think about getting rid of a few things?
  • How many items are to be evaluated?
  • Do I have any collections?
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